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The province has many opportunities, both for visitors and for potential investment.

The area boasts many appealing features for visitors and for new commercial operations. White water rafting, cycling, motorbiking, caving, bird watching, and fishing tours are all readily feasible.

The district is dotted with numerous waterfalls, rapids and charming streams that offer scenic relaxation to visitors.

Other unusual features are underground rivers, hot springs and the source of the mighty Zambezi river as well as one bushman engraving.

Local handcrafts include beautiful baskets, reed mats and cane chairs woven from indigenous materials.

Local support is strong with both Chief Chibwika and Chief Ntambu keen to see tourism investment grow and let the outside world appreciate the beauty of their land.

For more information about tourism, investment, and conservation efforts of the community please contact:

West Lunga Trust
P.O.Box 16 00 10

cell: +260-979-955454

email: [email protected]