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West Lunga Trust

West Lunga Trust is a rural development initiative originating from local stakeholders in the North Western Province of Zambia. The Trust was registered in 2003. The aim of the Trust is to assist people surrounding the West Lunga Game Park, to achieve good stewardship of their natural resource heritage. This goal is addressed by:


  • Environmental Education
    Issues of deforestation, wildlife conservation, soil erosion and river ecosystems are being introduced to the local population.

  • Tourism Promotion
    The province has good potential for tourism, both local and international. Several bird watching and canoeing/fishing expeditions have taken place. The Trust is making an effort to facilitate the introduction of permanent commercial tour operators within the area.

  • Conservation Farming Training
    One of the key reasons for the ecosystems to be under strain, is population pressures, particularly with the traditional ‘slash and burn’ agricultural systems. The Trust is introducing low impact methods of farming that will still give high yields. Research is conducted in soil fertility and simple methods of addressing deficiencies in soil nutrition. Agroforestry is introduced as a method of nitrogen fixing rather than inorganic fertilisers. Extension workers assist with education in conservation farming and income generation.

  • Income Generation Projects
    This is a new thrust of the Trust to adress improvement in poverty at household level. Viable projects have been identified to create income for the local people to reduce dependence on traditional income sources which strain the eco system. Market links with private sector industries such as beekeeping, mining, farming and crafts are being established in addition to offering small grants for farming projects.

  • Wildlife preservation
    A major effort has been made in the last years to train game scouts in order to address the issue of the wildlife depletion in the province. 24 trained and equipped game scouts are now conducting patrols regularly and permanent transect lines have been established for counting game. This has been a source of encouragement as numbers of game have risen as a result of the patrols.

Community Resource Boards. (CRB’s) have been established at village level to manage the resources of each area.

Organisation Structure of the Community Resource Boards

The Chief being the head of the community is the patron and receives a 5% royalty on any profits that the community realizes and he is the final authority on any decisions passed. The communities elect village committees that are known as the Village Action Groups (VAG). From the VAG’s a CRB is elected as the horizontal governing body.

All finances realized by the CRB are handled by a transparent procedure that allows the communities to democratically decide how the moneys shall be spent.