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Situated at the headwaters of the Zambezi river basin, Mwinilunga district is characterized by typical miombo and Cryptosepalm forests interspersed with rivers and flood plains, seasonally flooded dambos and numerous perennial streams.

Only a generation ago these plains and forests were home for a multitude of antelope species such as sable, roan, Lichtenstein's hartebeest, waterbuck, sitatunga, zebra, buffalo, as well as elephant, lion, and leopard.

The combined effort by the West Lunga Trust, Zambia Wildlife Authority and the CRB´s in policing the district are beginning to bear fruit. Herds of sable, puku, buffalo and elephant are being sighted as they are re-establishing themselves in the depleted areas. With continued efforts, the West Lunga National Park will once again be on a par with the best in Africa.

Numerous rapids, stunning waterfalls, limestone caves, underground rivers, hot springs, the Kabompo Gorge, a sunken lake, the source of the famous Zambezi River add to the interest of this hidden corner of Zambia.